Error while installing parrot 4.11.2 home mate in vmware

I have download the latest os of parrot os 4.11.2 i tried to install it in vmware but i have this problem after installing
Command /usr/sbin/source-media falied to finish in 600 seconds there was no out put from the command .

My settings on install hard desks is manual erase
Like this

  1. I Create new partation with grup
  2. I Create new voulme with unformating option with 8m with point of grup-bios
  3. I Create new volume with xfs option with point of / check root
  4. I Create new voulme with btrg option with point of /home
    Please if any one can help!!
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VMware isn’t officially supported by ParrotOS
We suggest you to use VirtualBox instead
Here is our guide for the installation
And also the Vbox Guest Additions guide

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Thanks I’ll try it I hope it works