Error while installing Parrot on VM

Hey i tried installing Parrot Security Os on a Oraclevm version 6.1.18 after creating a virtual machine with this configuration:
but after starting the VM the installer asks me this question:

and if i say no it gives me this error:

and if i say yes it gives me this error:

the parrot os iso file is located on my harddrive not an external disk or anything
here is the syslog:

i set up the vm the same way that i did for my kali vm.

Thanks for your help i am a total noob :slight_smile:

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Hi @taner

Try booting up again and choose the top option “Live Mode” instead. This will boot you into the Live environment where you can launch the Parrot installation from a link on the desktop. There is a known issue with trying to install using the “Install” menu choice.


I’m having the exact same issue and launching in Live Mode just hangs up with the Parrot OS. I’ve attached my log and a pic of where it hangs in Live Mode and this is a video of my setup: (196.8 KB)

Can someone help me with the post above?

Live Mode didn’t work for me. I posted a video below…

This worked smooth - Thanks Mamer

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Hi Josh,

“Live Mode” is the menu selection on the very top. Your video shows you selecting “Install” instead.

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