Errors and error and errors

My parrot OS is f****d up,

  1. Starting the OS ALWAYS gives device descriptor read/64, error -71
  2. can’t install any program correctly without thousands of errors in my face and searching google for hours
  3. Deleted my main OS (windows) and installed parrot but now i’m stuck and can’t even change back to windows because of “E: Unable to locate package” and many many many many more errors which is frustrating because that’s my first time using linux. 100% new.

if anyone can by any chance help me correct the whole OS (i’ve tried updating and upgrading plus the common things) or at the very least help me change back to windows, i would be thankful.

  • Parrot version in use
    VERSION=“5.0 (Electro Ara)”

  • Kernel version

Thanks in advance.

What does can’t locate package do with change back to window?

To re-install windows, you will need your licence number and an ISO copy of the windows’ installation disk for your licence [W8/W10/W11
[downloadable from Microsoft]


Sounds like you have got something drastically wrong with the basic installation,
the mail errors are
Corrupt download, wrong image downloaded [Arm instead of AMD etc]
bad burn of the ISO to the installation medium
old/worn/damaged installation medium [dodgy pen drives are difficult to spot]
Not deactivating Windows quick start in the bios

my guide for the newbie installing Linux can be found here [also useful as a checklist]
How Do I Install Linux (A General Guide) • Linux Tips

I can’t install ANYTHING

You don’t know anything either.

Usually the read/64 error is caused by a USB issue.

Boot off the Live Parrot USB drive you created and run GParted to remove all partitions on your hard drive (hopefully you used Etcher to image the Parrot ISO to the USB drive). Then reinstall Windows. Install VirtualBox on Windows. Install Parrot on a VirtualBox guest. Learn Linux/Parrot using VirtualBox.


  1. If you are new to Linux then go with Ubuntu or any beginner-friendly distros.
  2. Not familiar with a particular distro, use it on a virtual machine.
  3. There is no connection between E: Unable to locate package & installing Microsoft Windows again.

Furthermore, if you want to get back to the Windows OS then follow these easy steps:

  1. Get a USB (at least 16 GB)
  2. Grab another computer (From a friend or Cafe) with already windows on it
  3. Download Balena Ethcer.
  4. Download a Windows .iso file.
  5. Flash the .iso file in the USB.
  6. When done! Start your PC and enter the boot menu (by f12 mostly)
  7. Select boot from USB and Install Windows

At least you have to tell us what are you trying to do that you faced so many errors.

E: Unable to locate package
This usually happens when a package is not available on the repository.

You can fix this by:

  • Checking the spelling of the package.
  • Checking uppercase or lowercase difference.
  • Make sure the package is available on the repository.
  • sudo apt install pingus you can replace pingus with the actual package name without spaces.
  • Run the package by its name in the terminal. ex pingus

Feel free to ask for help, Parrot OS has a super friendly community.