External Monitors Set Up

From a Rookie
**Can’t use external Monitors: HDMI and Thunderbolt adapter with VGA. **
. Lenovo Legyon Y530 with optane memory.
. Intel Graphics 630 and Nvidia GTX 1050.
. No dual boot

Does any one know how to setup external Monitors through HDMI and thunderbolt connections?
When I plugged the cords I get a pop up asking to choose what displays I want to use but nothing happens after choosing them.
I tried to follow the commands from: https://docs.parrotlinux.org/info/gpu-drivers/
But I got stuck in the line:

└──╼ $optirun yourprogram
[32441.858841] [ERROR]You’ve no permission to communicate with the Bumblebee daemon. Try adding yourself to the ‘bumblebee’ group

Thank you.

You shouldn’t need an nvidia drivers just to use HDMI devices, thunderbolt requires a software package called “bolt”. I don’t think it is installed by default on desktops other than Gnome. Thunderbolt devices have to be authenticated with bolt daemon before they can be used but that is as much as I know about it.
Your optirun error is because your user isn’t part of the group called “bumblebee” so you have to add yourself to it and/or make it if it doesn’t already exist.

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