External SSD Installation for dual-booting MacOS

Hey yall!

I recently wanted to switch to Parrot OS Home, so I downloaded and flashed to ISO via Etcher. However, I am trying to install it to an External USB 3.0 SSD. It seems to have recognized and installed correctly within the Debian Installer and the Live Media Installer. My issue lies with booting it. I am running on a 2017 revision iMac and am fairly new to Linux. When I hold down the option key to see bootable drivers, as is the practice for getting into bootcamp, Manjaro, etc., I can’t see the EFI drive.

Have I done something wrong in the process?

*Do note that finding information on the community forums was a little difficult because Mac would show results for MAC Addresses and Apple would show results for applets, so if there is a correlating forum post–a reference would be greatly appreciated.


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