external SSD : live OS

Hi, I want a portable parrot sec distro.
So I had made a 15Gb partition on a 128 Gb external SSD. Then I had burn the Parrot Sec Iso. Then I had made a luks partition with the free space remaining. I took inspiration here (not running the script but I had proceed command by command by taking a lot of inspiration here :


Encrypted persistence works finely, no problem.

The only little disappointement is about after giving the luks passphrase, system is a little bit too long to my taste (I mean several minutes).

Here :

The guy seems to have his encrypted partition in third on his portable device, but I can’t see what is the second.
Is there something to do for the live OS to load quickly ?
Here’s my device in gparted.

by advance thx :wink:

  • OS version: run cat /etc/*release
    Parrot Security 4.10

2. If you have this problem after fresh installation:

  1. How did you create USB bootable?

  2. How did you install OS?
    with dd

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