Fail to loopback Parrot OS 4.7 ISO from Grub2

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I am a fan of Parrot OS. I usually use loopback feature from Grub2 Bootloader to boot live Parrot ISO. But, since ver 4.7 I cannot loopback it from Grub2. This thing happened also with Debian 10. Please help me fix this error.

Here is my config in grub2 boot loader

And here is the error when I loopback iso

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shouldnt it be set iso_path="/Parrot-security-4.7_x64.iso" ?!

you could also try “iso-scan/filename=” instead of “findiso” but i dont know which one parrot uses, im never live booting like that.

Reported to other devs. Which tool did you use to make live usb?

Thank you for your reply, but it’s not a solution. “iso-scan/filename” is the same with “findiso” argument (or we can use “img_loop” with the Arch Linux distro).

Thanks, Could you help me to contact with other devs?
I used loopback features to boot live iso to quick check hardware compatibility between other distros or versions without wasting time when writing one by one distro on USB flash drive.

I make a small tool to do that.

I did but other are busy right now. We are doing minor fix for our tools and packages.
p/s: cái này lỗi từ bên phía Debian. Chắc phải tạo topic bên issue tracker mới nhanh được.

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