Failed Installation of Parrot Sec 3.10.1

version of parrot: (3.10.1)

architecture (amd64)

edition (Security)

installer (parrot-experimental)

computer (Dell Inspiron 15 3521)

storage configuration (manual partitioning)

multiboot with other systems (yes)

so, I started the install using the custom Parrot install (debian install doesn’t work, and the install before boot doesnt work for me, [even in new kali images, guess my pc has a problem with Debian])
after setting up what i wanted, it started the install, and then at 34% or so, it returned this error

Boost.Python error in job “bootloader”.
<class ‘TabError’>
(‘inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation’, (’/usr/lib/calamares/modules/bootloader/’, 224, 26, ’ except Exception:\n’))

so, I’ll be waiting for a fix in 3.11 or if there’s a workaround for it before the release.
and, sorry, I lost the error screenshot, but if i reproduce upload it.

#tabs not spaces vs #spaces not tabs, lol

ps: i’ve seen several other people complaining abour the same issue.
ps: It’s a dual tripple boot env, but i don’t think it matters cause I’m used to.


do not use the experimental parrot installer, use the stable one from the boot menu

or try the new 3.11 beta images

ok, thanks,
the reason i used the parrot installer is because my pc, for some reason, can’t render the text when i choose to install from boot menu (since Debian 9).
i’ll try with the beta images.

parrot 3.11 has the debian installer available in live mode as well, it isnidentical to the installers you can use from the bu’oot menu, but it works completwly from the live system

in some of our tests it failed the installation of grub-efi and i don’t know why, but a legacy bios installation works just fine

haven’t installed yet but the live version feels different, it’s just so smooth and so awesome.

happy to hear that :slight_smile:

oh, well, forgot to update,
i solved all my installation problems by moving my hdd to another pc and installing from there.
Guess old hw, but works like charm now.