Failed installations in legacy mode.

(Selorm pc) #1

I got an acer aspire cloudbook 14 for myself made in 2016. It came with windows 10 pre installed on it. I have given it ubuntu which works well. Recently l thought of moving to parrot in order of using it for a projet but am facing the following problems …

  1. I downloaded the home version of the iso which was made bootable on a usb.
  2. The intallation is not running in legacy mode but only in UEFI. After the installation, l get a bootable device not found error on screen.
    Pls what can l do to get it running.
    €System specs of my laptop€
    Hard drive 32gb
    2gb emmc

(Nico Paul) #2

maybe not enough space, but first culprit is actually probably the BIOS settings. can you change them at all?


Forgive me…I mean no disrespect but why are you even bothering to go to legacy mode to begin with if it works in UEFI? Also I agree you don’t have enough space to run any kind of multi-boot setup.
But if you really want to do it you should try to boot into legacy mode first then make the bootable usb drive and install.

(Selorm pc) #4

Yes bro. When l set it on legacy mode, this little blink comes at the top left conner of my screen and never goes away. That l guess telling me that the installation not going to happen.
When l set the BIOS to UEFI, it will install perfectly but whn the installation is done and l take the USB off the laptop per the process requirement then l get tbis message saying bootable device not found

(Selorm pc) #5

It doesn’t work in legacy bro.

(Nico Paul) #6

did you both update your BIOS and change trhe bios settings to allow you to boot other OS?