failed to mount a filesystem


(Javier Pérez De Prado) #1

Tanks in advance
in middle of install of parrot 4.4
i get tis error
failed the attempt to mount a filesystem of type vfat in scsi1 (0,0,0), partition # 10 (sda) on / boot / efi
pleas help
i use gpt scheme

(D) #2

Try turning UEFI off in the BIOS

(Javier Pérez De Prado) #3

Is not a god idea, i have gpt partition and i can´t change, because i need it

(Javier Pérez De Prado) #4

the problem is that i can not install nothing (/boot/grub/efi) in the partition that i prepared with parrot in ´efi partition´
and mor than 300 MB