Failed to start Light Display Manage

after installing Parrot OS 4.0.1 in Virtualbox.
Restart and I have this message “Failed to start Light Display Manage”
execute the commands:
systemctl enable lightdm.service

try installing gdm3
and the problem is not solved
and it is not solved

I am facing same problem it is a bug and
a pathatic bug i think, i tried all thing available in google but couldn’t solve my problem , .hope someone will help you​:writing_hand::writing_hand::writing_hand:

I’ve had the same issue with my AMD Graphics Card from an HP laptop last year… I was then blessed by the heavens when my best friend’s girlfriend stole my laptop and left him…so i bought a 900$ custom water cooled desktop and suddenly, no more black screen on bootup… Although, i DID find a work-around for the issue with my former laptop, found out that certain AMD graphics versions are incompatible with the distro of the topic…this led me to a hypotheses that if i were to install virtual box and settle for a live-boot with my usb (using separate usb or partition for saving any projects) i SHOULD be able to use a live parrot sec perfectly, seeing as the ISO runs on the virtual box and the virtual box adjusts itself accordingly to run whatever i may need it to run WHILE it uses my system without special requirements or changes, etc… My hypothesis was correct…you’ll have to settle with the live boot unless there’s a way to install the disk image to solely the virtual box application which i couldn’t say whetherit works or doesn’t work because i have never been one to use virtual box except for the once or twice before my 450$ laptop was stolen by a heroin addicted camgirl slut…

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