Failed to start light display manager?

(Waleed Al Rashdi) #22

it worked for me thats

(Mike) #23

Hey guys! I’ve been having this problem for days now. I freshly installed the latest 4.x version of Parrot Sec OS and have the latest virtual box version. I tried so many things and i just figured it out while i was on the bus, so here goes:

All i did was fresh install with GTK (the more graphical install UI) - but i believe it won’t matter which you do. Then all i did was follow enteexsoft’s last command - sudo sh /media/cdrom/ - then command line “reboot”

Works like an angel sent from heaven :slight_smile:


we silently released parrot 4.1 that fixes many compatibility problems caused by the 4.0.1 release, including a kernel update and some minor improvements

give it a try

(Jorge Carretero) #25

Yes between your update to Parrot and the other solution posted above its all ok now

(Jesus Salmoran) #26

if you having so many issues after installing parrot no matter what version try burn the image on a disk not on usb if ur planing to installed on ur machine … when i first install parrot the lates parrot iso on my macbook i was getting the dim light display thing issue . even know i burn the usb image using etcher and rufus so i try the image on dvd and all my issues vanish . so for some reason when burning the image on dvd it gets all drivers and installation configuration!. after install i did and updates and my macbook runs pretty fast and stable im using the amd 64bit version hope my tip helps