Failed To Start Light Display Manager

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Parrot 3.11 Latest
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GTK install
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I have Downloaded parrot 3.11 iso.I am installing parrot in virtual box when it’s booting it gets stuck and gives error
" Failed to start Light Display Manager.See ‘systemct1 status lightdm.service’ for details."
Also See the error in this image

Please Anyone Solve this issue.

See the solution I posted in a thread with the same problem

Dear Jorge, hello! Couldn’t you please name the thread with saawariyaseth’s problem? Thank you in advance.

Hello ToschRND94 .-

I thought this was the solution, but maybe it helps you, good luck !!!

Discussion about your topic

Anyway the thread has the same name as this one, (just in case this link doesnt work)

Thank you very much, Jorge!) I have turned on my eyes and found a few threads with same problem, but, as man says, the problem does not come alone)

Yes, a little complex topic, good luck you can also find me on Telegram as everyone else.