Failure to Boot Post Install

I am on a Lenovo x1 Carbon (7th gen) and I went through the process of installing Parrot to replace the OEM OS(Windows) and all went well, or so I thought.

I had already disabled a litany of security settings to that I could get to live boot,but Once I made it through and got to the point to First boot parrot I received and error message saying that my PC/device needs to be repaired.

I used both non encrypted, Encrypted LVM using the guided methods and couldn’t get through to the OS regardless of my efforts.

The partitions made and assigned to were:
nvme0n1p1 537mb fat32 esp,boot
nvme0n1p2 640mb ext4 /boot
nvme0n1p3 LVM Encrypted 500GB btrfs /
LVM Encrypted 10.9gb swap swap

(checked both during install and running in Live Mode)

All of that is currently on the machine, but still is refusing to boot

I am figuring it is a UEFI/BIOS issue not knowing how or where to boot from, but not sure what to do or how to track and fix the issue, HELP ME PLEASE SOS!!!

set your system to boot uefi
disable secureboot
enable ahci if its there
flash usb with etcher
… and it should work! :slight_smile:
if not, let us know

I used Rufus to F|ash, Could that be it? I have had secure boot disabled every time I run/ran live mode.
I am not sure what AHCI is though?
I am going to flash with Ethcher soon.

I will keep you posted! Thanks so much for the Help and Reply!

So this didn’t work either, it is still not booting :confused:

I have my bios secure boot disabled
IDK what AHCI is
UEFI only
Boot Order is locked at USB -> nvme0(where install should be) -> nvme1-> cd and others not attached to the machine

I tracked down most of the windows based securities in the bios(since it is oem Windows) and disabled them.

I am not sure if any of that would be affecting the systems boot process or why it is refusing to boot

I don’t this this should be an issue. I use rufus for practically all of the flashdrives to install iso images on it, works everytime for me.

So I solved it! I am not booting straight into grub and subsequently decrypting my drive and running, but I have hit a new issue.

For some reason I can not get my wifi to work. It keeps saying module is unmanaged. and switching back and forth with module not ready I tried to fix this by modifying the NetworkManager.conf with a true flag replacing the false in the managed field and restarted my network manager which also failed to start.

ifconfig is not recognizing the module, but I get it recognized with iwconfig and it seems normal.

I checked my /etc/network/interfaces and noticed I only have the lo interface.

What could this be?

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