Failure to boot


So I recently attempted to install Parrot today, but ran into a few problems. The first time I installed it, updated all of the packages, then rebooted, it failed to start ever again. It got to the login screen, but it did not accept any input and seemed to freeze after about 6-7 seconds. I pushed through and installed it again (this time with dynamic VDI) with success. I installed all packages and it rebooted with no issues. I then wanted to install VirtualBox Guest Additions so I could change the resolution of my machine. This is where my main problem has arisen. I mounted the virtual CD through the “Devices” drop down in VirtualBox, then manually installed through the terminal. Upon rebooting and selecting any mode, the screen jumps to full resolution for a split second multiple times. After these few times, I am left with a lifeless boot screen and a blinking cursor. I have tried recovery mode with no luck either. If there is something I did wrong regarding the Guest Additions, I would like to know. If there is any known way to solve this (without re-installing preferably) then please chip in.

My host machine is x64 (and obviously so is my guest machine). If any more information is required, somebody respond with a quick explanation on how to obtain it and I will provide.


try to instal it with flash drive. if the problem stays, change usb support

How did updated your system ? If you apt upgrade you broke it, never do that, just apt update and dist-upgrade.