Falcon Northwest DRX

I am looking to purchase a new laptop, but am having a few issues in my considerations. I am between the Lenovo ThinkPad P17 and the Falcon Northwest DRX. I have seen great things regarding the ThinkPad with all Linux distorts, but am unable to find much of anything regarding the DRX. Has anyone tried Parrot on this computer? Or any Linux for that matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The DRX seems to be a truly amazing laptop, but the out of the box ability to work with Linux will probably be the deciding factor for me.

Sorry, I’m a ThinkPad P14S owner and I can’t say anything on the DRX.
Parrot works fine on my P14S except using a Dockstation. But displaying with a dock doesn’t work either on Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu… It seem that AMD Renoir did not open his driver, it still only works today with rare kernels.

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