Fatal error grub-install dummy

I am sorry am not very well in english
Before the install well finish i recive a fatal error grub-install dummy and i dont now what to do i am a new in this world pleas if some one ken help me

I am using parrot 4.2.2 parrot security

I am installing parrot winth a USB

I am trying to install parrot with a previous OS Windows 10

do you have a proper EFI/ESP partition?

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may be you have 32bit UEFI and x64 processor. x64 OS can’t be install on x32 uefi because grub package have x64, not x32 architecture.
try to install any x32 linux dist. if this is successful, you have x32 uefi and you need x32 grub package

Make a new install media. Its weird but it worked for me when I got that error.

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