.fdb extension? Want to convert

Hello everyone,
As i mentioned in title - i have a book (ebook) - legally! downloaded from developer site. But it can be only open via program (i get it) - but i wanted to print it so that i could read it … on a paper. But to do so - i found out that there is weird extension called .FDB - i Googled it … Nothing specific. ANy of You guys - heard about it? Ia there any way of converting it to .pdf/ .docx/? Thanks for any tips/ advices/ help.

What program do you have to open it with?

eMPendium - medical one :confused:

I dont know of any ebooks having an .fdb extension. I would check and make sure it isnt stored in another format.

Yeah weird stuff :frowning: - i dont know how to even get the “book text” into some WORD program. Hide stuff that has acces from SMartphone (but the problem is that its better to read the whole book via … paper ) :slight_smile:

You can always ask the owner for the document in a different format. Although there is probably a reason they are using a non standard format.

fdb extension is used by Firebird database .

Maybe the downloaded file was wrongly created.

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