Fire wall configuration

Please can you just point me in the right direction of how to do a manual setup and config of what in ssh and http https and socks5 rules should be set against? Also have covered all the ports I will need for a initial manual set up? Thanks

Assuming that you are mentioning Parrot Security’s default Firewall UFW, you may set these rules or customize to suit your particular needs:

sudo ufw allow OpenSSH [or, http]
sudo ufw allow [port number]
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw allow from [or, any specific IP]
sudo ufw deny http

In case you wish to see the status, in numbered, run: sudo ufw status numbered

Then, delete a particular rule that you want: sudo ufw delete [number]

Nice thanks I get the idea how it works now, would you recommend I firewall all listening ports? I ran the command and noticed there were a good few open and listening my os, I’m going through the hardening phase and getting used to the basics of performing that task before I start auditing, thanks