.Firefox don't start

I am new in parrot

When i go to Firefox ícon it don’t start and when i put it on desktop ir says that its an error with the aplication
The Firefox profile manager don’t start too,
I don’t now whats happening ??

Parrot GNU/Linux 4.4 32bit

Debian Standard


I totally not understand
But have you login in root user?
If yes login as normal.user and run firefox
Also try to reinstall

I am not in root user i am in normal user .Are you saing for me to reinstall parrot (i have already done that ) or for me to reinstall Firefox if so how i can i do that ??

apt-get remove firefox

apt-get install firefox

apt autoremove

apt-get update

Open Terminal and type :
firefox -p
and choose your profile or create it…

if not work… rm .firefox and start firefox and do above method.

thank you

nope you forgot --purge

sudo apt remove --purge firefox

try to use apt instead of apt-get, it is just cleaner and a little more considerate and safe in regards to other packages. also you can use


once you have installed to pick your profile if you dont have the icon to click under internet menu