Firefox has updated itself

*-- Started the computer and discovered that Firefox had updated itself. No warning has been issued.

All my bookmarks for 6 years that I have backed up cannot be synced with Firefox.

Sync does not work

My Lastpass does not work in new Firefox and can not log in.

What has happened?

This is a disaster if it is not resolved. Has 3 years of work stored but can not access it because Firefox does not work in Parot

Please Write here your help request, --*

  • Parrot version in use (if you are not aware of it, open terminal and type cat /etc/os-release | grep VERSION):

  • Kernel version (if you are not aware of it, open terminal and type uname -r):

  • Logs/Terminal output (use pastebin or similar services):

  • Screenshots:

The browser was not updated but rolled back to an older version ESR 78.15 To restore bookmarks, enter in the address bar about:profiles. Select a wire that is not active Default Profile no. Root Directory - Click on Open Directory. Open Folder bookmarkbackups. This folder stores the backed up bookmarks. Copy the required backup to the desktop. Open the browser Menu - Library - Bookmarks - Show All Bookmarks - import and backup - Restory - Choose File - We select our backup and all bookmarks are restored. As for passwords and extensions, there may be problems with recovery, since the browser version is older. I do not store passwords in the browser, I use KeePass. I apologize for my English, I am writing through a translator. :slight_smile:

Dear Bang Bong,
Please check this

Debian removed latest Firefox in stable branch. Now only Firefox-esr is in stable. Check out this thread that has solutions.

You have 3 or so choices to get Firefox-release installed.

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