Firefox is confused about what timezone I'm in

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I’ve ran into issues with two web apps while using firefox, all revolving around time zones. ProtonMail/Calendar has a pop up asking me if I want to switch the interface to UTC, and when I sent a message in the Slack web app interface just now, the timestamp displayed next to my message didn’t match my computer’s time displayed in the upper right hand corner.

Yesterday I added my local timezone in the Clock Preferences window on the Locations tab, and I’ve since booted up my laptop today but still have the issue with Firefox. Anyone familiar with what’s going on here? I’m at a loss.

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I’ve been experiencing the same issue in Firefox. Tried using this browser extension and it’s still screwy.

Good to know it’s not just me! I thought it might an issue with my hardware (it’s an old laptop, and sometimes old motherboards have a battery that powers a chip to keep the time, and the battery can die), but if other people have it, maybe it’s not my hardware. I should try installing Parrot on an old desktop I have sometime, and seeing if I can reproduce this timezone issue.

My other thought is that Firefox might be running in some sort of container I had issues on another linux OS where certain links (say launched/clicked on from a terminal) would open in a weird/separate Firefox instance with an empty profile, in an attempt to isolate apps on the desktop. A nice security feature, but it seemed kind of buggy. Maybe Firefox on Parrot OS is in some sort of security sandbox, and can’t “see” what timezone I’m in? I’m not familiar with Parrot’s inner workings to figure out what configuration files I need to edit though.