Firefox is gone

Did a full upgrade, which worked after adding a local mirror. Opened firefox. Decided I should sync and tried to login. Turned away for just a moment and firefox was gone. Tried to relaunch it. Nothing. Typed which firefox. Nothing.

I think this is a duplicate of an existing topic.

parrot version


kernel version


i think that is the same issue that used to happen to me using kali linux, i used to solve it temporarily by uninstalling chrome using the purge command ( can be sudo apt remove -purge, my syntax might be wrong check with apt --help or google if needed ).

it kind of repeated itsellf though that issue with any/all browsers that i used and was once as fast as 3 hours after fixing it, but i didnt have that problem using parrrot though. so hopefully if you fix it once, i assume it is a rarndom wrrong stars get aligned quirk so i wish you luck in it not returning. sorry if it is not so helpful, im not really able to debug things properly in linux but i do remember that issue. also you mentioned an upgrade try to go back to the older version could help. good luck

I had the same problem once.
replicate these steps :

1)sudo -s

2)apt update -y

3)apt full-upgrade -y

4)apt dist-upgrade -y

if the problem still persists then,

5)restart your computer again.

6)apt remove firefox -y

7)apt purge firefox -y

8)apt install firefox -y

Note: Your data on firefox will be deleted.

Regards R3GNUM!

I installed firefox esr and used the -allow-downgrade

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