Firefox noscript extension broke?

I installed Parrot on a 64 bit laptop using the standard installer. It’s the only OS on the HDD. I’ve ran update and full-upgrade and rebooted. In Firefox it seems that privacy badger, uBlock origin and NoScript are preinstalled. I can only disable them not uninstall or update them. NoScript is ver 10.1.2 but the latest ver is 10.1.8. When I click the NoScript icon in the browser it appears broken as it has missing features and a button that does not display correctly. Is this normal and okay or is there some way to uninstall and/or upgrade this extensions?

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In your firefox browser URL bar type about:addons you can then modify the preferences as well as see the version number in the top right (mine is up to date) or remove and re-install no-script

Apt upgrade may silently uninstall packages it sees as not needed so it’s typically safer to run dist-upgrade because it will not do this and you can pay more attention to the output (it’s more verbose by default). Another popular thought on this is that many use dist-upgrade full-upgrade combo as well

Yeah i dont know why people use dist-upgrade and full-upgrade together though. They are the same script, just different names.

Dist-upgrade claims to “intelligently” try to update the system vs just straight out EVERYTHING update is what I have understood from my research. I would love to hear more of an explanation If anybody has an idea.

Yeah the apt option ‘dist upgrade’ does.
But i meant the commands ‘dist upgrade’ (usr/bin/dist-upgrade) and ‘full upgrade’ (usr/bin/full-upgrade) are the same. Both of which use ‘apt dist-upgrade’ internally.
Them having the same name has made this confusing. :confused:

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Oh! I understand what you are refering to now. I agree :100:

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when you look the bash script of /usr/bin/update or full-upgrade or dist-upgrade thats exactly the same script

I havent needed to look at it. Ive always used dist-upgrade because thats what the documentation said to do. Ive always believed full-upgrade to be slightly deprecated.

Well I completely reinstalled my system and I haven’t updated anything yet. Appears all the extensions in Firefox are fine, no broken images or missing buttons. Good to know about the dist-upgrade! I will use that. Thanks so much for the replys.

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I was having the SAME issue after migrating my home folder to a new partition. The NoScript install was locked and broken, could not remove or update. I searched all the Firefox extension folders and could not find where these preinstalled extensions were located.

Heres how I fixxed… If you download the latest XPI from
then sideload it into your browser, the newest extension will be installed to your profile and it will fix the broken extension and restore normal operations. No more broken images and missing settings on the popup tab!

Ive been trying to fix this for HOURS… deleted profiles, reinstalled Firefox, created a new login… nothing fixxed this broken ext…, Im glad to share this solution!

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