Firewall GUI?

I saw another thread that mentioned open snitch. I love that one and use it on my Kali dedicated laptop and Mint. No issues. I can’t get it to install on Parrot tho as root. I can install it as a user but GUI doesnt work.

I saw in other thread @palinuro said gufw was installed but I’m not finding that when searching here.

Yeah we would love to add an application firewall. We are focusing on bugs for parrot 4.7 right now and complete our previous things in todo list first. It is a little sad because we can’t add open snitch in this 4.7 version (i am a fan of it). We are still lack of human resource.

It can be different in other versions. You can install it by sudo apt install gufw.

There is fwbuilder. It is totally better than gufw. You can try it

firewalld is the most comprehensive firewall with graphical interface I have seen.

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