Firmware and drivers

VERSION=‘5.0 (Electro Ara)’


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Hello, I currently use a couple of HP Stream 14’s, in which i have bare metal installs of ParrotOS. With the release of 5.0 I am interested in the Architect Version, for a minimalist, only tools and programs that i need build (these only have 32gb ssd’s). During installation it cannot find driver for wifi, nor do these laptops have Ethernet ports. Are my options to either not use that build or extract ISO, add the driver ( which is rtw88xx/88xxb_f.bin, I believe) then recompile it that I’m not 100% confident i can do correctly… Any help would be awesome, thanks.

Hello! The forum is using markdown syntax. You can just google it and it’s very easy to learn the basic.
Can you boot home edition? I think in this case you can just try install Home version and install what you need, because there are many specific hardware that Linux family can’t cover them all. I’m sure home version can install just fine on 32gb storage. After that, you can uninstall and install things to your system.

Well, well, long time no see…let me pop in on this one. There is actually no real need to connect online to install unless it is the “net” install ISO image, it’s the smallest in size of all of them because it fetch the components from online all the rest have them included. Just skip that part when it comes to it and everything should otherwise work fine. Your wifi for the Stream 14 is actually Intel so it will be pre-bundled with the installation image already, there is no need to search for a driver as you should see after a successful install.

Its okay, all figured out. Just not a huge fan of MATE and 9/10 times I usually end up with broken pkgs, install/uninstalling packages lol. Thanks for the reply.