Fix Your Corrupt USB Drive (Windows)

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If you have any problem formatting or fixing your USB Drive which can also be Read-Only (Also helpful when you try to make your Bootable USB Drive with a fresh start & every time you format & have a problem with extra partitions)

Then this automated tools is for you guys, Simple but Powerful (Diskpart Commmand Line Based Tools) Devloped By Me !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just Download this tools from my Github repo & follow the instructions given

Yes your USB Drive is restored by a click like when you buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sorry, but what’s the point of putting exe file to github without sharing a source code?
You could put any type of virus/payload to this .exe. Please share code so we can make sure program isn’t harmful.

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There is also another Greate tool
mini partition tool

Just try it

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Sorry this program is out of virus (Scan it via VirusTotal/Other Tools) but Windows Defender tells it !!! This is completely unharmful, I swear

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I have used EaseUS Partition Manager Technical Edition you could also try this. For doing a small work I don’t like huge tools :stuck_out_tongue:

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Without source code
It not acceptable bro
Antivirus i not accept
Due to even anyone make new FUD virus
It’s simple

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Well exactly , Antivirus is biggest malware
I also give you advice ,
Don’t use any free , premium antivirus

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