Fix Your Corrupt USB Drive (Windows)

If you have any problem formatting or fixing your USB Drive which can also be Read-Only (Also helpful when you try to make your Bootable USB Drive with a fresh start & every time you format & have a problem with extra partitions)

Then this automated tools is for you guys, Simple but Powerful (Diskpart Commmand Line Based Tools) Devloped By Me !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just Download this tools from my Github repo & follow the instructions given

Yes your USB Drive is restored by a click like when you buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, but what’s the point of putting exe file to github without sharing a source code?
You could put any type of virus/payload to this .exe. Please share code so we can make sure program isn’t harmful.


There is also another Greate tool
mini partition tool

Just try it

Sorry this program is out of virus (Scan it via VirusTotal/Other Tools) but Windows Defender tells it !!! This is completely unharmful, I swear

I have used EaseUS Partition Manager Technical Edition you could also try this. For doing a small work I don’t like huge tools :stuck_out_tongue:

Without source code
It not acceptable bro
Antivirus i not accept
Due to even anyone make new FUD virus
It’s simple

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Well exactly , Antivirus is biggest malware
I also give you advice ,
Don’t use any free , premium antivirus

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