Flashing Screen

Im using kde Parrot os as my main os when i close my laptops lid and reopen it the screen stays black for 20 seconds and then it starts flashing ive got 4gb ram 128mb vram.

Sounds like you are having an issue with Power Management. For now, try disabling hibernate/sleep so the problem does not repeat. You can do this by entering the power management settings. Quickest way to get there is right clicking on your battery power status (picture of battery) then —> Preferences

Now make the Battery/AC section look like this:



This should stop the problem for now.

Check logs to see what is happening the moment you open the laptop lid. Report back related failures/errors if you would like to work on fixing it :slight_smile:

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How am I able to access the logs?

Most logs can be found in /var/log directory. Also, in your home directory the file
.xsession-errors may have info.

As soon as you open laptop view the last several lines of logs you are inspecting using the tail command:

tail -20 LogNameGoesHere

Don’t paste entire logs in a reply. Look at files like syslog, Xorg.0.log, post the relevant part :slight_smile:

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it only happens when i put the laptop on sleep ill update you in a second

QXcbConnection: XCB error: 9 (BadDrawable), sequence: 36422, is the most common error im getting.

ive done research and apparently the error is could not connect to display but have not found a solution.

if your system has a Nvidia Graphics Card
check if there is an update for the corresponding Driver if available then update it.
(According to some Rumors KDE + Nvidia is Not a good Combination)


ive got amd 4 not nvidia

how do i check for driver updates?

In My Opinion i update my cache by going to
Synaptic Package Manager then clicking on Reload updates the cache to the newest
(as apt-get is Not Recommended on Rolling Distributions)

go to Synaptic Package Manager check the version of kwin
then update the cache and see if there’s an update if available the update it.

i normally use the update feature that comes with parrot not apt-get and if i do i use apt-get full-upgrade, also none needed update

Try : kwin_x11 --replace

paste the complete output of /home/user/.xsession-errors
if its very long then use Pastebin

Also now I can’t move any windows and none of the windows have close button seems like running that command screwed with something I’ll reboot and post again.

:cry: I’M REALLY SORRY :cry: i did Not expected that

(“from now i Quit KDE thus i will not take any KDE issue”)

According to your .xsession-errors log it seems that your system is using ‘PlasmaShell’
thus please try : plasmashell --replace
if possible please note the output

i rebooted and the no exit button was fixed dont worry :slight_smile: