for those who are adressed by the ad-txt

hello, first, I appreciate your effort of making this os happen! I was using parrot sec as my daily driver. In oder to find a alternative to windows and generally do something against the sold out of the internet. Parrot Sec was a bit too much for me, too packed with tools, I dont need, and I had several issues with wlan and everything. Spent weeks to come clear with that os. Then dissappearing of apps occur, programs that wont open anymore, without noticing or anything else. I had a bad time with that os, keeping it running. I installed several times and then finally I was migrating to Parrot Home, with the little hope, that this is more stable and userfriendly to me.

But this is where the problems began. I followed everything in the docs, read and learn, but in the very beginning the install is stopping everytime, due to any problems with the packed calamares installer. The web is full of problems regarding to tools, that are used by the os. Like calamares, or Grub2. Anyways, I am not able to get Home running with fde. I am not a pro and cli is new to me, I just want to use a daily driver for büro action, nothing more. Nevermind, what I’m complaining about? Its free, open source, community-whatever? As you could probably expect, that a OS is usable to those, who are adressed in advertising-texts: “This edition is [i.g. Home) designed for daily use, […]”, or " If you want, you can also encrypt the system by adding a passphrase:". Dont write it, if its not fully tested! It could have save me (or others) hours of frustration! I now stop using the internet completely and turn into the woods.

There’s no difference in security/testing/fully tested/free/open source/community in between sec and home, it’s just matter of tools.
You can install home and then install parrot-tools-full or only install the tools you need (just said this incase u need to know)

Hello. First of all, thank you for the nice words written above. I’m sorry for the problems you encountered in the installation but please be aware everything written in our documentation has been fully tested on multiple devices. I/we don’t write anything in the documentation unless we are sure first. We clearly can’t test everything on all existing devices, but we do it by trying to report as few errors as possible. This forum and the Telegram group also exist to help you solve any errors that may happen to you.