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  1. Serious Zoom security flaw could let websites hijack Mac cameras
  2. Zoom faces a privacy and security backlash as it surges in popularity

An Alternative is Jitsi Meet
As it has been recommended by The Tor Project
Blog Post - Remote Work and Personal Safety


Offering end 2 end encryption then backtrack to admit “transport only”. :unamused:

Sending data to facebook even if you don’t have a facebook account. :mask:

No thanks, Zoom!

How would one leverage this exploit do you have a link for an actual exploit in use?

Regarding the webcam story- pretty crazy Zoom installed a webserver that stays on machine even after uninstalling Zoom :upside_down_face:

detailed by the researcher here:

(Keep in mind that one was 2019).

The more recent privacy problem was what sounds like fairly easy to brute force rooms being 9 to 11 digit numbers :slight_smile:

The Intercept did another article on the weaknesses in falsely advertised encryption (not being e2e but TLS):

Redflags on this one! :slight_smile:


Any Opinion on Keybase acquired by Zoom ?
zoom keybase