Found browser history!


I used to install parrotsec on my laptop and also used as a persistence drive.
for some reasons I’ve removed parrotsec on my laptop and accidentally i damaged my pendrive.
so I decided to comeback. when I’ve done I find this new look and theme awesome and checked those tools installed in it.
But when i opened my firefox There was a history of recently visited pages. Why is that?
I just confused. do i have to download another .iso file or it’s common for everyone?
Here is the screenshot for reference.
I’ve installed parrotsec 2 days ago.
I just wondering if it was the developer who’ve add this links while customizing firefox!!
or else i seriously need to get a new .iso file.
Thanks in advance.

(Kilian) #2

Hey, there are no problem with your os, it’s the default configuration of firefox that come with parrot. It comes with a lot of extension. When the developper installed those extension, the extension automatically opened their own mainpage, then they made the iso file to install and the system you got a copy of the original one and so with the same history.
If i’am wrong don’t hesitate to correct me.


Thank you @KileXt
I was confused. So your browser also have the same history as mine? nov 2017?

(Kilian) #4

yeah exactly

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #5

it was me when i was working on the parrot profile

to work with the firefox local configuration and databases is pretty tricky so i had to add all the links to the bookmarks bar by editing the appropriate sqlite database, but i had to manually surf most of the links to retrieve their favicons and preview

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