freezing problemes

hi guys i am kinda new to the parrot comunity only have been using parrot os for 2month the scurity version since i am interested in cyber security and i found it so enjoyable to use but sadly i have some freezing when using it high cpu usage high ram usage in just desktop and firefox i couldn t even upgrade my systeme cause every time it frezze during the process i use a laptop with 4gb ram and i5 7200u i would be gratefull for any type of help

I’ve seen a number of posts about this and have experienced it myself in the past. I’ll assume you are using Parrot Security 4.10 Mate and have run

sudo parrot-upgrade

Here is a thread that helped me with the freezing:

hey bro ty for replying but the probleme is even when i try to upgrade the systeme it crush on the update and i need to restart my pc