Fresh Fruit For The Parrot! [Music Players]

I type here with a thought.

During my adventures within the GNU/Linux world i have tried various music players, many have pros and cons. I like to have a graphic equalizer that functions without the need to be a studio engineer or requires hours to set up with various add ons.

Being that Clementine is a listed item in Parrot i had settled for it, I had been a previous user. However as it is no longer really being developed, I have a suggestion, which in my opinion, although basically the same as Clementine, include Strawberry.

I had previously settled as a Stawberry user over Clementine as it seems to provide a far superior playback experience. One gets a purer more consistant sound. The 2 look and feel pretty much the same, but if one uses them side by side, track for track, I believe Strawberry outperforms its older cousin.

I currently use Strawberry as an Appimage file and manage a music collection of over 500gb without issue. Maybe you could consider adding Strawberry to the repo.

Just some more fruit for thought!!