Full installation to multi-touch laptop

Hello everyone, I just got a used Acer Aspire R11 2-in-1 laptop/tablet 11.6" intel celeron quad core 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD.
I already have a laptop in which I already install parrotOS in VMware, but I would like to fully install parrot OS in this laptop as a experiment and see how it works, so my questions is: when installing the OS which option should I pick since I want a fully installation in the bone of the pc?
I forgot to mention, I am going to use a bootable USB device

When you boot your USB, pick install --> standard installer.

Tell us if you have any problem.

Have a nice day!!

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Hi Gesala,

When installing I was going to choose GTK GUI.
Why are you suggesting me to go to standard installation?

No problem with GTK GUI… I always choose standard… I think is the first option in the menu .
But it’s ok with GTK GUI.