FYI: GNU/Linux spyware


GNU/Linux spyware scandals may be back (and it’s not about Canonical and Amazon but Linspire and Microsoft); Microsoft is meanwhile exposing innocent kids to pedophiles and it refuses to explain or defend this.

More than a decade ago Linspire had signed a patent deal with Microsoft, causing us to inevitably suggest a boycott. Why is Linspire still in Microsoft’s pockets? And perhaps worse — why does it help the spy agencies spy on GNU/Linux users? Have these people lost their minds again?

In the name of “combating child abuse” Microsoft engages in surveillance — even GDPR-violating (i.e. illegal in the EU) surveillance — on everything one does online. Even Office.

Microsoft’s connection to child porn is rather irksome and it’s definitely not about neutrality or free speech.

“Microsoft’s Bing search engine is facing heat for reportedly including images of child pornography in its search results.”


This is the exact reason we tend to use ParrotOS :slight_smile: