Gaming on Parrot. Why [not]?

My PC:

  1. CPU: intel core i7 10700
  2. Ram: 16gb RAM DDR4 bus 3000
  3. GPU: MSI GTX 1660 XS 6G OC
  4. Mainboard: Asus B460M plus
    This topic mostly talks about Native Linux games only (with Steam only. But any platform provides Native Linux games should have no differences).
  • Dota 2
  • Hollow Knight
  • Total war: medieval 2, shogun 2,
  • Ravenfield
  • 7daystodie
  • Mount and Blade warband

With Parrot OS

You have

  • A very smooth OS. Seriously: it uses less 1gb RAM than Windows OS and NO 100% disk usage.
  • New packages of drivers and kernel ships with Debian testing

You don’t have

  • Very stable distro. And update could break your compatible. Please don’t get me wrong. What i meant here is it is not as stable as Debian stable. For my system, it is stable enough for gaming and daily usage. Some users might have unexpected experiences based on their hardware.
  • Dependencies bug (i386 packages conflict, …)
  • Unsupported driver as same as Linux trouble (AMD driver, …)

With Steam platform

You have

  • As much as steam provides
  • Native Linux game.

You may have troubles:

  • Package conflicts during new update. ** This may have the driver package problem which crash your whole display **
  • Specifics bugs of Steam platform on Linux only
  • Specifics bugs of lib dependencies (Linux only)
  • Game crashes, can’t start,… on Linux only. It happens for Mount and Blade, Total war shogun 2

Gaming experience

1. Dota 2 (localhost with bot only. No multiplay so network trouble doesn’t count)

  • I can have maximum FPS (~120 i think). I set limit FPS to 80
  • I have bottleneck after Diretire update even. FPS is still 80 but I can still feel lag sometimes.

2. Hollow knight

  • Perfect.

3. Ravenfield

  • Kinda low FPS because i use tons of mods for weapons, skins, …
  • Ram could use up to 10gb because of loading mods

4. Mount and blade warband

  • I got trouble about lib dependencies before
  • Run smoothly. Increase graphic quality and weather effect could decrease FPS

5. Total war

  • Medieval 2 crashes during long campaign
  • Shogun 2 can’t start.

6. 7daystodie

  • Drop fps while running, having far view from high spot
  • Can’t have maximum graphic quality settings.

7. metro 2033 and metro last light

  • I didn’t play it on my new PC. My old PC has very week spec so it is an unfair comparison. But as i played, i had bottleneck caused drop FPS and performance on Windows platform was better (especially render light effect)

Native game on Windows, on my old laptop / pc (extra information)

  • I didn’t test Native window games on Parrot on my PC. Some lovely games like Metro Exodus is a question.
  • I played Project Reality on old laptop before. This game requires dotnet so playing on Linux was buggy.

Note: For any Nvidia graphic card on PC, you must install nvidia-driver package to run games

Do i recommend playing game on Parrot?

  • By all troubles i had, i still think Parrot is not perfect for gaming. It requires specifics hardware and some knowledge about trouble shooting (ofc if you have any trouble). So the answer is “not really”.
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I played Total war Three kingdoms and Total war Atlanta on Parrot. Both ran smoothly. I didn’t use maximum settings. Atlanta has a bad engine so FPS was not very good but Three Kingdoms is awesome.

try some heavy games like Apex Legends as well haha
if got stable fps and not frequent fps drop, damn good