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Does all Parrot mirrors use cloudflare as DNS?

What are the official cloudflare DNS for

Does Parrot mirror use dymanic or static dns?

Im trying to master the basics.
I’ll be very greatfull with the community if someone could help me, please.

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Gandalf.parrotsec DNS

There is no such website

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Oh my bad lol, I already edited the topic to the right site’s name.

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I’m confused, can you restate your question please?

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That would be an answer @Anubi5 or @KidKlown would know more on. I believe we do {use only cloud flare} but I don’t want to give incorrect information and KidKlown is just filled with all sorts of factoids and tidbits like this. The individual site for parrot is in that directory but that has a few different projects in it as well. Are you just curious or are you trying to accomplish/solve/improve a problem or task you or you beleieve others may benefit from? Any one of those answers are great though! :grin:

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Im trying to learn.

Just want to understand why when I check for DNS leaks I always find the same open conection. And why this happen when I use one of my routers and not when I use other router that I got?

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This is not my ISP nor tor node but there is always an open conection to this IP. Why?

(Matt) #9 is one of Parrots DNS’s (See: cat /etc/resolv.conf)

I dont think parrot uses any of cloudfare’s services, does it?

Parrot uses opennic. So you can provide a web service using a dynamic IP with the .dyn TLD

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Oh I see. Opennic its great then.

I dont know if parrot uses cloudflare services but there are 2 DNS from cloudflare in that pic.

I have two routers, #1 and #2 (lets call they that way), so when I use my parrot live usb with ethernet on router #1 I got 30. 59. 40. 15 on dns leak test (showing me that it is a
Parrot mirror host), but when I use the same parrot usb live with wifi on router #2 that IP does not show up.

It only start connection on ethernet?
Is it something else?

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Did we use cloud flare at all in the past? What are the diffrences between the two? I know cloud flare operates on an anycast type network and the security benefits/theories but ive not heard of opennic although i know why if that makes sense (hint; o-p-e-n)

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cloudfare provides a few things like DDOS protection and DNS services. I think their DNS just boasts speed, as a reason to use it.

opennic prevents censorship, provides free TLD’s and stops DNS hijacking or logging (although that is all down to the host).

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Check /etc/resolv.conf when connected to each router, see if the IP’s change.
DCHP (What gives you your IP when you connect to a network) can also provide DNS, so your one router might act as a proxy to the cloudfare DNS.

If you are interested you can open up wireshark, then in the top filter search ‘dns’. Now when you open firefox and navigate to different sites, you should see lots of dns queries to IP’s that are inside your resolv.conf file. The IP’s you are querying should also match the ones listed on

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Yes. When I change router my IP change (thats normal).

But I would need to wireshark DNS then and be back.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

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Yes, i mean see if the IP’s inside /etc/resolv.conf change when you swap routers.

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That’s quite a large set of differences. I know I’ve configured one of the routers around here to use cloud flare but also might be a few… Too many test networks and old routers lol

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Indeed parrot uses OpenNic at least thats what terminal show to me.

(So I dont get why show me cloudflare DNS)

When I changed routers only change my local IP. But there are three others IP on that list. 2 of witch I already saw on my DNS leak test. But there is one that I never saw before. (Antartic as location??? What the Faq?)

None of these 3 IP change when I changed routers, only my local IP change.

Sorry guys for my noobs questions but, what are those IPs for?

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I always edit my /etc/resolv.conf so it points to the actual Cloudflare DNS servers which are, Parrots DNS takes way too long and actually slows down my internet quite a bit. As soon I delete their entries and put what I set WRT Merlin router, and all my other devices to. My internet runs fast and smooth.

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Ok. Seams logic, How would you do it? there is a “Do not edit manually…” message that make think there is a another way to do it different to comment lines directly.

But before I edit something in this kick ass distro I would like to know Why those IP are there? and Why it says OpenNic but resolves using clouldfare dns?

At the end I think that the point of Parrot is make a custom distro for your own, and with the whonix topic there is a change that parrot become the easiest distro for customize for your own, but thats a whole new topic :slightly_smiling_face:

For now I’ll be happy if someday I can get to understand those automatic IPs connections

(Thanks to all for still be here in this topic trying to help… you are the best)

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It also has more to do with your router dns servers at times as well