(Sean Ragout) #1

Hey everyone been playing around with the home edition for a while in virtual box love the speed of this distro.
Not a novice but definitely not a hacker either, is this distro a viable daily driver?
One thing ive noticed libreoffice loads wicked fast how are you doing that?


(Nico Paul) #2

what are your needs for an everyday OS? imo i run my parrot a lot lot lot more than any others but i dont singleboot and sometimes that can get snagged by a bad drive format or install overwrite. Parrot is really great for slimming down almost lower than possibly thought, thats all palinuro right there though IMO hes got a gift for making things lighter.

(super_boy) #3

This is a really nice Distro, I really enjoy the speed. Do you folks have any suggestions on where to start learning more into the Distro/Debian over all?

(Nico Paul) #4

if you have not changed too much in the defaults, firefox has a bunch of bookmarked resources under the learning folder! we also have some of the parrot docs that include white papers and things like that in that folder!