Gnome 3.34

Just curious when we will be able to update to gnome 3.34 ,and why do I have 3 different gnome desktop environment options I took mate off and replaced it with gnome but its acting kinda odd

we don’t support gnome officially. I think that is from Debian side.

I had mate but seen parrot-gnome in synaptic and downloaded it and actualy purged mate I like it I had a problem after the switch with a bootloop but it was only because of lightdm but there is a parrot-gnome deskTop environment on synaptic

They are created from long time ago (maybe 3 years) and unmaintained. The only supported DE: Mate and KDE. If you want to switch you may have to use default gnome3 package. You have to switch to gdm3 as well i think (from lightdm)

If I did that would it mess up my repos with parrot and how would I go about it

nah no no repo. Just sudo apt install gnome3.

You want to install the gnome desktop I believe the D.E. is metapackage is called just “gnome” and has a vast list of components. “Parrot-gnome” should select the minimum necessary elements fine but you won’t find it under the name “gnome3” I’m afraid.

no, jxt install the gnome3 and restart,that is all.

im just gonna stick with Mate i have really grown fond of it , and last time i tried Gnome i had nothing but problems and im not to particular of the layout

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I would love to do some research with gnome. I can take a look at it after i finish current project

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