GNOME Desktop

Are there any plans to release a GNOME 3 Desktop for the Parrot Home distribution? Just asking because it is my favorite.

no plans for gnome support

our goals don’t involve offering more desktop environments, we have to focus on more important things like keeping security tools and other utilities updated and fix bugs as quick as possible

the core team has no plans to support gnome, cinnamon or other desktop environments, but we would love our community to do that and contribute back to the project with their help

even manjaro has community-maintained editions with environments not officially supported by the core team

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In my opinion, using gnome 3 is not a good idea. I had used gnome 3 with debian 10 until it updated to 3.30. That was bad experience: low performance, no icon on the desktop, no extension work, …

this is a fantastic point as after stepping back I see a lot of instances where the graphics overtake the conversation of tool usage and parrots roots. Its a difficult balance to mitigate for a growing OS though. Respect for its Developers and maintainers, they do a lotttttt of work and probably achieve a pretty high rate of requests and added features or abilities, Thats a big reason I want to try to shoulder some of the work somewhere for someone, these guys are BUSY :grin:

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