GNOME Shell not showing file search in overview

Using GNOME Desktop on Parrot OS, the GNOME Shell search fails to display results for files. The issue is as documented at GNOME Shell not showing file search in overview (#1412) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab. It looks like the issue was patched upstream years ago but for some reason Parrot OS is still exhibiting the defective behavior.

  • Parrot version in use 5.0

I found that installing the full “gnome” package and restarting resolved the issue. I originally had gnome-shell, Nautilus, and Tracker packages installed by way of the Parrot GNOME Desktop meta-package, but something must have been missing that was needed for GNOME Shell search to communicate with Nautilus search provider and the tracker index. I have not figured out which specific packages affected the behavior.

Hello. To use Gnome, I recommend that you install Parrot Architect Edition and then select Gnome as DE. When I tried it I had no similar problems.

Yes, I suspect the root cause is GNOME packages that are not really self-contained. Certain functionality requires multiple packages to interoperate, but it is not clear which sets or subsets are needed for certain functions. The work-around of bringing in the full GNOME Desktop Environment seems to be the best way to do it, even though it will lead to a number of installed packages that will go unused in some cases.