Going Back to Windows10? - HELP

I’m gonna try to explain my situation as good as I can so others can understand exactly what my situation is. (may result in a long paragraph)

Obviously, Judging my the title, you assume that I want to go back to Windows10.
and I do. Despite the fact that I love Linux, and everything about it, I need to go back to Windows10. as I feel I’m better off with it and I enjoy it. I could go into detail about why but I don’t really need too.

I would do it now, but you see. It may seem I’m stuck.
Using the Gnome-Disk-Utility, I formatted the Flash Drive and Restored the image to Windows10 iso.
Thing is, I cannot boot it. its not bootable. and I don’t know how to get woeusb or any tool to install windows10.
I need help like really badly.
I’ve made my decision to go back to windows and I want it to be done quick.
(I Have Patience I Swear haha)

I would also like help removing GRUB, booting into windows with GRUB if possible and restoring the bootloader.
and, my default boot device in bios is messed up (bc i installed a linux distro wrongly and messed it up).
If you can help, it would be appretiated so much.

Questions that may be asked:

  • What pc are you using?
    I am using an Acer Laptop. (Acer Aspire ES1-512.)

  • Is there any other linux distros installed on this? what distro ruined your default boot device?
    Yes! I installed these distros: Ubuntu, ElementaryOS, LinuxMINT, Kali linux & ParrotOS.
    ElementaryOS Ruined my Default boot device.

  • How much time do you have?
    its 11:58pm. I have 12h to do this. maybe more.

  • what parrot version are you using?
    Latest of ParrotOS MATE Security x64

  • what are the specs of your device?
    Dunno exactly, look it up. my device id is above.

  • Why do you want to make the switch?
    I like windows better, sorry :frowning:

  • do you need a professional to help?
    I would most-likely feel more safe with a MOD or a DEV on this forum to assist me. as sometimes a community may trick you into bricking your device :cry:


  • Any responce within 0-2 hours would be appretiated. *
    My kind regards,
  • q86y

Use this program to create bootable usb. I’m not sure how well it will work with UEFI mode, but i have once installed windows 10(MBR mode) using this utility, it’s still working perfectly fine.


Tutorial :
Install dependencies :

sudo apt install git p7zip-full python3-pip python3-wxgtk4.0

Install WoeUSB-ng :

sudo pip3 install WoeUSB-ng

Run it :

sudo woeusbgui

Regarding installation, backup important data in external hard drive or separate partition. Nuke every other distro or create another separate partition for windows.

After installing windows, grub will be lost. here is tutorial for that(if you didn’t format entire hard drive) :

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