GParted wrong drive recover the data?

I was changing the format of a hdd but selected the wrong drive went from NTFS - BTRFS and put it back to NTFS as I was not able to access the drive after - any recommended tool for data recovery 1 TB HDD :sob:

You could try ddrescue or something from the debian-forensics pkg, Parrot also has it’s own Digital forensics metapackage. Not that your likely you recover much if any especially you formatted twice.
Remember that linux filesystems can’t be read by Windows

I used Recuva on another windows machine it took a few hours to read the data - but I recovered all my documents, photos, and software I thought were gone forever.

Mental note - check which drive you selected before clicking ok lol

Well lucky you, that software is quite something if it recovered everything without any corruption.

Its a great tool, for recovering data, a collogue of mine formatted their USB and it recovered all the video files they needed

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