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I am a Debian user who is using Parrot os drivers support do to Debian main configuration being to complicated. My system ran perfect for a short while, but reverted to some strange driver related issues.

My system has a Nvidia rtx2060 and amd r7 igpu. My system runs fine, but it is not using the Nvidia gpu. Other strange things I am experiencing is that different Gnome desktop sessions are running different drivers. Gnome Wayland is running Nvidia with pcle drivers (see image 1 under images link) instead of Nvidia with amd renoir. Gnome xorg is a bit faster running on renoir drivers, however it has no Nvidia drivers.

The final strange thing is that I am unable to open the Nvidia xserver utility from Parot os to configure the Nvidia driver for different situations. I hope someone knows how I solve these issues, knows of any better software for my system or knows how to completely reinstall the drivers.

Link 1: parrot os nvidia: Nvidia drivers - Parrot Documentation
Link 2: Images of my drivers: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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As Parrot and Ubuntu both are Debian-based distros, problems are often solved similarly . You may try this’s solution, may work: System not using Nvidia Graphics card despite driver being installed - Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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