Graphic Bugs [SOLVED]

Hi guys… today, I’ve upgraded my pc from parrot 3.10 to 3.11 (new version). But there are some graphic bugs and I don’t know who to fix them. For exemple, there are some red stripes on the top toolbar and some icons/words disappear until I stemp on them with the cursor… I’ve tried to install parrot-core and upgrade, but nothing has changed… can someone help me?

can u take screenshot?

is it good?
Sorry for bad quality.
This is not a theme… after the reboot (sudo apt dist-upgrade), this was the situation

what version this ?
if not Parrot 3.11
delete it and download latest version;

Yes dude, that’s the new version… I’ve upgrade it 2 days ago: from 3.10.1 to 3.11
And the 3.10 works perfectly

anyone else?

Ok guys, I made it… the problem were the nouveau drivers… I blacklisted them and then I installed Nvidia drivers (I have a gtx 960) and the bug’s gone
Thanks to Palinuro that helped me