Green/Purple Lines when after GRUB

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Hello! I am experiencing some weird issue that I assume to be NVIDIA related. When booting into Parot (either live or after install) I get purple/green lines on the top of my screen followed by some nouvea erros. I have attempted just about everything I could find on google but it seems to be a unique issue. Whenever I plug my monitors into my motherboard rather then my GPU everything seems to work fine. I am running a RTX 2080 super with a i7 9700k. I am running (more like stumbling) parrot 4.8 however I have tried with 4.7 as well and I have also tried with both KDE and Mate (home + security).

This is a dual booted system with Windows 10 and PopOS (works fine thanks to built in NVIDIA drivers).

Is there something I am missing here?

Tried to boot with nomodeset option?

Yes I have. When I add that too the end of the line & boot it shows a quick parotOS logo and then defaults to a blinking “_” At this point I was able to press ctrl alt f1 and get a non GUI version of Parot OS. I followed these instructions to install NVIDIA drivers and blacklist nouvea but nothing seems to have changed.

Your informations are less than we need, so please to avoid any misinformation let us know what your laptop has as motherboard, that means to know your pciid graphics card. Also for Nvidia try to install package nvidia-detect, then run sudo nvidia-detect to show you the exact driver you need to install.

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