GRUB disappears out of nowhere

So I have been using Linux for a while now but this is the first time I have encountered a problem like this and I am absolutely baffled on what it could be. Basically every once in a while my GRUB seems to disappear from my disk. I tried to solve it myself but I have no idea where it is coming from, it just happens randomly. No updates or anything. However, chrooting into my install and then reinstalling grub using grub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi && update-grub solves the problem and makes the system bootable again. until the next time the bug occurs that is. If you require additional details, feel free to ask!

Parrot version: Parrot security amd64, currently running 4.4 but installed from 4.2.2 and upgraded from there.

Install method: The GTK-installer. I set up my parrot disk to use encrypted LVM.

Multiboot: Yes, with Windows 10. Parrot and windows 10 are on completely different disks, though!

UPDATE: The bug has occurred again, after I booted into Windows 10. Does anyone else have issues dual-booting windows 10 alongside parrot?

Habe you updatef Parrot?

Yes i have. I run 4.4

So downgrade
Boot up in kernel10
Amd remove 20
Than update grub
And never do upadate until i not say😁

what command do you use? It is recommended to use

sudo parrot-upgrade

That’s the command i used to go from 4.2.2 to 4.4, yes.

Also, after that upgrade was done i deleted my old kernel because the /boot partition was full.

That’s biggest mistake of deleting Old kernel
Now have any other kernel
Or you deleted all old kernel
If you deleted all

Need to re-install it (parrot)
For take data Live boot from boitable madia and take all data

Before wipe you can do this

When grub appears go to recovery mod and say yes for shell

And dpkg --configure -a
And then live boot and update Grub

4.4 has much better installer so fresh install is best for you for speed and completeness (I know not really a good word for what I want to say but I cant think of it for some reason right now)

Brother 4.4 ISO is not working in lot of User
Getting error in Installation
4.2 ISO i send them and it’s Work :grin:

most of what ive seen is improper configuration; mine works just fine; what exactly is your reasoning for preferring 4.2 over 4.4 (like what is not broken etc in one vs the other)

@Amzker, deleting the old kernel has no side effects really, other than grub disappearing when booting windows. I doubt that’s the problem.

The reason why i preffered the 4.2 iso is because 4.4 is buggy as hell: netinstall won’t connect, and I couldn’t find the option to use ext4 filesystem, just to name a few examples.

So now can you try with
update grub grub update
I think you already done this

When it’s booting hit shift possible you get boot in windows option

why ext4 vs btrfs? any other bugs besides netinstall?

Parrot20 4.4