Grub menu not showing after installing alongside windows 10

I installed parrot os alongside windows 10. While installing I made a partition in windows 10 unallocated and selected the partion while installing parrot os by selecting the install in partition option. Installation finished but after I restart the Grub menu is not showing. I have turned my secure boot option off and my os is in UEFI mode. Kindly help.

boot into a live usb and install grub from there

Press esc and then f9 and select parrot os from boot devices. It will take you to grub menu, while turning on the device. on some devices grub doesn’t show up unless you open it manually by selecting the boot device while booting

Go to BIOS and BOOT section, then select Parrot first, and Windows Boot Manager as second. Also I recommend you clean instalaltion, you did well.
I recommend you watching these:

Use Rufus and DD format in booteable usb

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