Grub missing dualboot Windows10

Hallo. My grub has gone after Windows bluscreen, when boot my laptop automatic boot in Windows then i go bios i see windows boot and ubuntu boot what happen? Anyone can solve thank you

is this about ParrotOS or Ubuntu?

Though if windows update messed up your grub, then Parrot should be listed on your bootloader.
You can boot there, or if you cannot then you can create a bootable usb, boot into live, chroot into existing parrot and reinstall grub.

Solved. I used gnu grub and the prefix grub setting in it, after I entered parrot I immediately updated grub and it worked. But there is a problem that the external keyboard cannot turn on when booting, after entering the new operating system can be used

It happens if you’re using wireless connection (Never experienced with wired, but have heard it).
It has nothing to do with OS.

What should i do ? How i can enable external keyboard when booting at grub ?

I guess you use a Wi-Fi dongle for the computer-keyboard connection, however make sure the keyboard is active before booting, check that there is some option in the bios about this and activate it. Not much can be done on GRUB side, its purpose is not one of them.

Well what I’ve noticed is, when it’s connected before powering off your system, it works even in bios but sometimes when disconnected it doesn’t
I don’t much about this thing though.

Ok thanks for answer :grinning:

Ok i will chech, thanks for answer