grub-pc fails install on BIOS machine


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Hi again Nico_Paul. This is not a UEFI machine so I can’t disable that. I test-installed Debian-based Kali with grub and it worked fine. I fell in love with Parrot Security x64 on this machine in the spring and only removed it in August to test other distros when the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 quit working under Parrot on my main Dell laptop. So I am thinking maybe my next test should be to see if Parrot Security 4.1 x64 would reinstall, and if it does, just update it repeatedly.

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Sure Nico_Paul. I will do that next pass.

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Thanks Oddy. Good information. I only went to graphical because the regular boot didn’t work, but if you had an issue I’ll quit using that technique. Anything that increases my chances is welcomed!

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Scroll past graphical to advanced and edit expert graphical install with ctrl e add an “i” to make /install

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Win! Not booting into Live mode was the final piece that made the install work. The first time I tried to install from boot reusing a prior partitioning scheme that was left over on the disk, and that didn’t work out for me. So in summary:

  1. Use Etcher to create your media per @Nico_Paul in this thread. Etcher is also easier and more reliable than any other way you can do it.
  2. Use the boot menu to install, not the live edition per @Oddy in this thread.
  3. I hammered the partitioning using the install program and opted for letting it decide what to do but with a separate /home, and that worked fine.

Thanks again to @Nico_Paul and @Oddy for your help! Sorry for the delay in responding.