grub-pc fails install on BIOS machine


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Hi again Nico_Paul. This is not a UEFI machine so I can’t disable that. I test-installed Debian-based Kali with grub and it worked fine. I fell in love with Parrot Security x64 on this machine in the spring and only removed it in August to test other distros when the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 quit working under Parrot on my main Dell laptop. So I am thinking maybe my next test should be to see if Parrot Security 4.1 x64 would reinstall, and if it does, just update it repeatedly.

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Sure Nico_Paul. I will do that next pass.

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Thanks Oddy. Good information. I only went to graphical because the regular boot didn’t work, but if you had an issue I’ll quit using that technique. Anything that increases my chances is welcomed!

(Nico Paul) #25

Scroll past graphical to advanced and edit expert graphical install with ctrl e add an “i” to make /install